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New eTwinning project

'We are reporters'

Our school has got a new eTwinning project titled 'We are reporters'
The members of our association are: Germany, Poland, Italy and Spain. The main objective is to develop a project about our town using ICT resources such as: video-conferencing, email, Padlet (collaborative wall), computers and projectors, tablets, different video editor programs, etc..

 We will work about our town: places to visit and important buildings such as Town Hall, Theatres, Cinemas, Supermarkets, Parks, Museums, Squares, Stations (bus, train…), sculptures, etc.

Students from partner schools will collect information to prepare power point presentations about some interesting places in their town. They will be reporters and they will write some reports to post on the blog and published in the school newspaper. Finally, they will make a school mural related to the topic.
  What is eTwinning?

eTwinning  is part of Erasmus +, the EU program for education, training, youth and sport. The main goal is to promote and facilitate contact, exchange ideas and collaborative work between teachers and students of the countries participating in eTwinning, through ICTs.


·        ‘e-Twinning Corner’ and a blog in March 2018.
·        Video-conferencing between schools in April-May-June 2018.

·        Schools will Skype in April to exchange information about them and the project. They will Skype in May and June too.

·        Gathering information about places in our town. April-May 2018.
Each school will collect information about places in its town: Town hall, museums, train station, bus station, shopping centers, , squares, statues...Students will prepare a PPT and will post it on the blog of the project. They will write some reports to post on the blog and to publish in the school newspaper.
·        Final activity: School mural about some interesting places in our town to display at school and share on the blog. June 2018
·         Project Evaluation. June 2018.
Expected Outcomes
This project is a good opportunity for children to improve their English, to share new experiences, to know more about other countries and cultures. We will share our outcomes in the TwinSpace, through the e-Twinning blog and newspaper and school webs. Email and blogging will be used throughout the project by all partners and presentations will be created using ICT to improve ICT students' knowledge.

Students will improve their knowledge about their own town and towns from other countries as well.

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